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About Me

I live in the Metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I have been an avid computer user since 1989, when I took my first computer literacy class. I taught myself programming (nothing fancy) using basic, C, and C ++. I made extensive use of scripting languages (mostly SALT) in the days before getting on the Internet was an easy thing to do. I use Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Word and Excel in my work.

I have had my own site, in some form or another since 1998. I have a degree (Associate) from MATC (Milwaukee Area Technical Collage) in eCommerce and Web Administration. I am currently employed by a Fortune 500 company as a "Web Content Developer/ Web Designer". On my own I have been Daryl Stuermer's (Guitarist with Genesis, Phil Collins, Jean Luc Ponty) Webmaster since 2003.

This guy is just too close to the mark too many times!
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