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Here are some before and after photographs of some of are recent projects.

Project 1 - Doorway Fill In:

The process of infilling was used on this building doorway, permanently closing the opening with 12" block for security purposes.

Before fill After Fill

Project 2 - Children's Hospital Floor

This is the newly constructed Children's Hospital utility area where we installed a floor coating system.

floor coating before Floor coating after

Project 3 - Concrete Repair

Here the deteriorated concrete was removed one inch beyond the surface of the sound concrete, sandblasted to remove exposed rust and a patching material containing a migrating inhibitor was applied. The surface was then patched, and a secondary floor drain above was added and connected into existing drainage.

Concrete repair 3 in 1

Project 4 - Caulking

This is a project that required elevation work to remove old, deteriorated window caulking and insulation. Then new insulation was installed with window weeps and re-caulked.

Caulking 1 Caulking 2

Project 5 - Floor Coat

This entire walk way surface was sandblasted to prepare existing concrete for a new deck coating system containing an aggregate for slip resistance.

Flooring coating before Floor Coating after
Bottom panel
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